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Re: (TFT) Welcome

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> From: "Kirk Woller" 

> Many people think that computer gaming
> has made these games obsolete, but I beg to differ.  Never more has there
> been a greater need than to sit around a table and tell a story guided by
> well-designed rules with both strangers and friends.  No computer can
> replace the paper and pencil feel of a game of TFT.


TFT was the last, BEST, of the golden age 'pen and paper' games.

Computers ended that age.

Well all the skills of that age of computing are dead.

TFT however, remains TFT.

Hell, I'm simi-tempted to plan a horse route to Gencon.

Not practical THIS year....

My Great-grandfather used to tell me stories about the horse and buggy days.
(firepoles because the horses would walk upstairs to be with the firemen)

TFT's still gonna be TFT.


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