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(TFT) Welcome


There is something about TFT that is truly magical.  When I encountered the
last copy at the hobby store of Melee in 1977 the summer I had just
graduated from high school, I felt something about my life was going to
change forever.  Really strange for a few purple paged rules, a map, and a
sheet of cardboard pieces.  So you are in good company since other people on
this list most likely love the game as you do.  I fell in love after my
first arena combat and it helped my imagination at the age of 17 just
explode.  The clean system, the scientifically designed combat and magical
system, the interesting encounters were all absolutely brilliant, IMO.  

Sadly, my high school and college group don't play any more for lack of
interest (go figger!), and some of my first edition TFT rules and maps were
eaten by a friend's dog, but there are still some of us lurking in cities
across the world who would jump at the chance to march through Death Test II
again at the drop of a hat.

I had some part to play in trying to make that feeling available again to
both newbies and grognards with work on new adventures in a labor of love,
so check out Dark City Games if you want access to new adventures developed
similarly to the old Microquests.  Many people think that computer gaming
has made these games obsolete, but I beg to differ.  Never more has there
been a greater need than to sit around a table and tell a story guided by
well-designed rules with both strangers and friends.  No computer can
replace the paper and pencil feel of a game of TFT.

And if you are ever in the San Antonio, Texas area please contact me for a
game!  I hooked up with a few other TFTers that live in Austin and SA and we
managed to get a good group game going last winter and I hope we can do it
again this year sometime.

My understanding is that Howard Thompson is still alive and living in
Austin, TX as of a few years ago, though things may have changed since then.
There are probably others on this board that know much more about those
things, though.  I worked for Steve Jackson when he was beginning his own
game company after the Metagaming breakup for a time and I believe he still
runs SJG from Austin, as well.


>Howdy Fellow warriors and wizards!
>    I am so glad to have found this website and you great people and fans 
> of "The Fantasy Trip", and my thanks to you all for keeping my favorite 
> game alive all these years. I have always loved this game and even though 
> my life has not permitted me to play as often as
>  I wanted, at least I could play the solo adventures when I could not find

> others to join me.
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