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Re: (TFT) Jerusalem

  Traditions usually come about when sure footing on fact has become
  shaky at best and completly fogotten at worst. Remember that amny of the 
  people of Cidri are discplaced and their ancestors from long forgotten worlds.
    Why should Cidri's Christians be any different, they know of Jerusalem because 
  it was central to the Jewish faith and the history of Judaism and the starting place
  of Christianty, but where is Israel now?? or Jerusalem?? Let alone a little bitty place 
  called Bethlehem.  These places are now a memory and even their own homelands
  like England or Espana(Spain), or Duestchland(Germany), or others are a mystery
  to them.  Many an adventure on Cidri starts with a lad or lass in search of their 
  Ancestral Homeland, that their people told tales of and passed down traditions.

Scott Haley <someotherwag@earthlink.net> wrote:
    On page 31 of "In the Labyrinth," about Christianity on Cidri:

> The tradition of the birth in Jerusalem is maintained, though no on 
> on Cidri has any idea where Jerusalem is.

If Mr. Jackson was referring to Jesus, Christians on our world have a 
tradition that he was born in Bethlehem, not Jerusalem. Maybe the 
Bible texts that they have on Cidri are different.

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