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Re: (TFT) Rough 'n Ready Campaigns: Age of Blood

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"Note that in order to even understand any 
of the following conversions, you'll need to read
  Age of Blood, which is a pretty good read, anyway. Here goes:

   The shieldwall was the dominant battle tactic of the period and 
consisted of a line of men each with their shields overlapping to 
create a wall of shields to
   fight over. Though primarily a defensive formation, the tactic was 
so effective in attack as well as defensive that it was hardly ever 
not used when
   circumstance allowed it.
   To form a shieldwall the figures must move into each others 
adjacent side facing, forming a line, and their player must then 
declare at the end of their
   movement that they are in a shieldwall. A shieldwall can be formed 
with as few as two figures, but the disadvantages will outweigh the 
advantages with only a
   few warriors as a shieldwall with exposed flanks is very 
vulnerable. While in a shieldwall, most figures double both the 
dexterity penalties and the hits
   stopped of their shields. The exception is the single figure on 
the far right flank of the shieldwall. That figure doubles its 
shields dexterity penalties,
   but reduces the hits stopped by 1the figure on the far right 
flank loses some of his shields effectiveness due to the fact that 
he is using it to cover the
   figure to his left.
   EXAMPLE: Three Carls with large shields and two Huscarls with 
small shields form a shield wall. One of the Huscarls anchors the 
right flank. During combat,
   the Carls shields give them a -2 dexterity penalty (the large 
shields -1 dexterity penalty doubled) and stop 4 hits (the large 
shields 2 hits stopped
   doubled). The Huscarl in the middle of the shieldwall is at -0 
dexterity (the small shields -0 dexterity penalty doubled) and his 
shield stops 2 hits (the
   small shields 1 hit stopped doubled). The Huscarl anchoring the 
shieldwalls right flank is it -0 dexterity (the small shields -0 
dexterity penalty
   doubled) and his shield stops 0 hits (one less than the small 
shields normal 1 hit stopped)."

I just remembered this one too.

It takes MORE than one man per hex to form in this manner.

I dig solos myself sarge.
Fond memories of Traveler.


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