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> From: John 
> So, Jay, busting out the LOU dicussion from February.

I didn't mean to spring that on you.
I'd read that awhile back, got busy I suspose, then it suddenly came back to me that I'd read this.

I've got a screwey head.

> See, that is something else from a scale perspective.  If I am 
> suddenly leading 400 men, the fact that I have tactics, or 
> alertness, or scholar, or courtly graces, or new followers, does 
> not matter as much, because the unit is just too big for it to 
> matter.

Well how would you model a group of professional "soldiers", as opposed to the same number of pissed off pesents, heading for Dr. Frankenstines?

I'd say that a Unit of 400 men w/Courtly Graces is a Unit that the general dosen't have to worry about rapeing or plundering, just the sort of activity that makes REAL enemies of occupied peoples.

Rape and plunder is a tatic of genocide.

400 guys with New Followers?
That sounds like the command structure for a middlin large Army.

If they all know Tactics?

I'd say they can all opperate independent of the Unit. (detachments)

> Well, once I figure out what I am doing (which may take a while 
> since I have'nt done anything since Feb.  I'll Show you how it 
> works, and share with the group.
> John

I'd love to see what you get.
If it's any help I think I'd pulled a ratio like 10 TFT ST/DX pts. ~ 1 CF.
I notice they divide by 13 for Leather.
I suspose it would require close reading of the secenarios to get an idea of CF to magic items...

Anyway, I didn't mean to come across as springing something on you.


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