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(TFT) Trivia

In my Trivia this morning,...

How long have polyhedral dice been in use? 
Not all dice have six sides -- some are polyhedral other than cubical in shape. They became popular around the early 1950s among players of wargames, trading card games, German-style board games, and role-playing games. Although polyhedral dice are a relative novelty during modern times, some ancient cultures appear to have used them in games as evidenced by the presence of two icosahedral dice dating from the days of ancient Rome on display in the British Museum. 

I'll be DAMNED!
I thought those Gladiators were at it for REALIZES!
Now I can see they were just ROLEPLAYING.

And D&D TOO!

I find this kind of neat.
Not allowing any Kobiashie Marou in my game (from outside anyway) I put my arena for Melee in Rome so this piqued my intrest beyond getting this as a piece of junk.

If they wanted to get ME the mailers would say stuff about dice, etc. NOT "Important Information".


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