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Re: (TFT) Units

    As long as we're digging out old posts:

---------- "Jay Carlisle"  wrote:----------------------
> > 1 in 300 are Wizards.
> > That's 50.
> >
> > 1 in 50 aprnt.
> > So 300.

I think you overestimate the wizards in a hex of 15000 persons.

AM says 1 in 50 has some small magical talent, and 1 in 300 is a "wizard" as described in AM.  Now all apprentices are "wizards" in AM.  I think that the 1 in 300 is inclusive of apprentices.

The 1 in 50 have some small talent, like get an eerie feeling when it is going to rain, or always can pick the wizard out of an adventuring party.  Or maybe even have the natural magical aptitude that a wizard needs, but lacks the intellect, or the drive, or the dicsipline, or the time to stdy, or whatever.

Anyway, that has always been how I read it.  If you learn and can cast a spell or spells as listed in AM, you are a "wizard", even if you just learn aid, staff, and mend and work as an apprentice, you are still a wizard and 1 in 300.  Which means your goblin hex may not generate such a big fireball.

--------More Jay-----------------------------------------------------
How about a world where every single Wizard had a crystal ball that allowed all Wizards to focus their power on a singel spell?

Is that a limit on how big a Fireball can be?

Nope, but my point is that even if the potential Fireball is unlimited in potental Damage (i.e. destroy Universe, as far as order goes anyhoo) in design, there shouldn't be an infinate number of people, ST, etc.

I don't think the TFT crystal ball works that way, but if you wanted to make such an item, it would, I believe, introduce a bit more "industrial disease" to magic.

The limit on how big a fireball can be (in AM) is 1 hex.  It may do 700 dice less 700 points of damage (since there is reason to believe that 720 pt strength batteries are possible) but it will do it only to the occupant of a single hex (the target it hits) - so it can only destroy a very small universe.  That limitation is part of the spell - which is one of the things I like about AM, the magical effects are almost all quite clear - which can lead to industrial didease if you let it, but makes the whole thing easier to adjudicate if you stick with the rules (which I generally do).

As to limits on St available: sure there is some theoretical limit of all ST available from all sources on a given world - but really, who cares?  Well, I guess Jay does, but I have to admit I don't.  No offense, but having calculated that particular piece of trivia does not, IMO, make the world any more real, or playable.  It should never come up in a meaningful way.  Now hwo much ST the undying wizard king of the great necroplis can come up with in a given day may well have meaning, so I would establish that figure.  I'd also establish how many zombie guards he has at his keep too, because that will come up when the party assaults his keep.

Of course, if you are designing a world, and the maximum magical ST available from all sources on the planet is a figure you like to have ready at hand, more power to you, it jusy means we design our campaign settings a little differently is all - which we already knew - and variety is a good thing. 


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