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Re: (TFT) Units

Yes John, you make some great points, and in the end we all do it a bit diffrently.

I'm partally concerned with such effects as many Wizards casting the same spell because of considerations of War, and yes I assumed that 1 in 50 would have Aid.

I'm intrested in populations because they are a "resource" of power and as such can be plundered/attacked/moved like any resource.

An easy way of doing that is to destroy the enemeys fields.

That kind of thing.

And I see what you mean about Fireballs, but Mnoren could have fished out a nuc-warhead.

Same diffrence on the explosion question.

Mnoren and 371 alt-Earths means just about anything is possable.

Reguardless, we both are much clearer on how our ideas differ.
It's not a who's correct thing so much as it's a way of being clearer about our Gameworlds.

It's like the problem of trying to tell someone exactally how small something was useing words.


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