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Re: (TFT) Active Defense: the Block

I seem to recall something in Steve Jacksons discussion regarding
the development of GURPS that he initially did something similar:
You roll to attack ... the defend rolls to defend.

Although it more accurately modelled combat, his playtesters didn't
like it becase it was "too much die rolling."  Personally, I disagree.
So while I would argue for something similar to what you are
proposing, you may be facing an uphill climb with players wanting
to resolve combat in a single die roll.  (which can be done - but 
you have to use a handful of multi-colored dice to do it)


---- Sgt Hulka <hulkasgt@yahoo.com> wrote: 
> I've noticed some discussion on this list in the past about how to incorporate "active defense" in TFT. Between some begrudging agreement with some of the points made in those posts and my own 
dis-satisfaction with the way shields and dodge/defend work,  ...
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