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Re: (TFT) TFT Cyberboard

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> From: "Sgt Hulka" 
> I have had an entirely different experience with online play. The 
> role-playing is actually stronger than at the table. I suspect 
> there are a couple of reasons for this:

Also Richard said; I guess the "world of tommorrow" I imagined twenty years ago has
failed to meet my expectations.

I'm still hammering on this Coliseum post. As it's an example of my finished work rather than top of my head stuff I'm paying specal attention to it. I also owe playtest time to another project. I'm thinking I can build something MUCH better than reaction rolls with this thing. It might be very useful as a computerized GM.

I'd like to put this out however.

The "Rules" of a game serve as tools to advance the "Story".
In a RPG the particapants are working together to tell a "Story".
In this case the "Rules" serve to set the bounds of the "Story" because there is no one single author.

What I mean by this is that in an undetermined instance in the Story the Rules serve as a formal system for resolving outcome.

An individual group (oxymoron?) has their own style in the same way as an old legal system has precidents.

A strong understanding of scale is key to a good PBM IMO.
Large scale Actions take longer periods of time than 5 second Turns.
Most of the Story of a PBM game should be focused on these longtime action IMO.
A game focused on gladiator combat for instance may not fly with 5 second Turns.

My solution to combat by e-mail is to allow the players to describe there "attack" verb with as much discriptiion as they wish.
The more complicated (adjectives, etc.) the Action, the more dice I hang on the try.

My basic goal is to reward description w/o exchanging twelvehundred e-mails to describe 2 minunets of gametime.

PBM suits the powerful, not the peons.


Hard for me to find words to describe what I'm doing.

It works face to face, but this is a difrent animal.

Just my thoughts...


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