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Re: (TFT) Energy decrease in explosions

Been gone for a while. i may not be back yet, either....

I believe I have a vague idea of what you mean.

For example, if I swing a club the force/energy/whathaveyou is spread across a wider surface area than would be the case with say a sword making the sword able to "break through" a barrier (skin at least) easier than a club delivering the same force.

I'm not trying to be the expert on this, I'm attempting to point out that many of these concepts are woefully undefined and that makes for VERY poor communication.

I am not picking on anybody with this next bit, and in fact am probably supporting your point. Clubs and swords do different types of damage. Both will inflict some (insert best NASCAR or wrassling voice here) bone crushing action (end voice) as well as some skin cutting. Swords are more about muscle/tissue damage and clubs are more about bone/concussion damage. Both also inflict injury by shock to the system (as do most weapons).

TFT is not the damage model to use for great accuracy, it was more about design for effect - you get hit enough then you die.

Like, I didn't have the same picture as you of what a Fireball is.

Big ball of, fire? Superheated gas or plasma? Just heated air, enough to combust most things (900F0+)?

I've GM'd for a very WIDE variety of folks, at this point some have gone on to quite impressive carrers, including a govenor.

I am self governed, except when The Chief wants something... or I have to pay taxes or drive...

What I see currently in the "industry" is a bunch of business models, geared to make money.

That is because that is what it largely is.

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