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Re: Bow cadence (was: (TFT) RE Active Defense Block)

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> From: "Mark Tapley" 

> "[2] I've claimed before, and I'm sticking to it, that 10 lb. of draw 
weight equates to roughly 1 point of damage on the average. A TFT 
"longbow" (requires ST 11) does 1D+2 = 5.5 points average, so would 
equate to a 55-lb draw weight. The revered english longbow, as used 
at Crecy etc., I claim was a weapon used by substantially 
above-average troops with ST 15 or so, and did something like 3D-2 -> 
9 points average damage and was therefore around 90 lbs. draw weight. 
I claim my bow is somewhere between a TFT "horse bow" and a TFT 
"longbow" and I'm about ST 10 or possibly 11."


Maculays How Things Work...

Simple machines...

Is the bow acting as a lever for my ST?

10 lbs draw ~ 100 lbs force as in a punch?

Remember, we're talking about a group of friends trying to be fair about killing each other intellectualy. 
It's not about being very accurate so much as quantifing what a Player/GM means in an objective manner.

I've found in asking Players after a good session what is was that they most enjoyed that mainly MY vissual was compleatly at odds with what the Players were seeing.
As a matter of fact, even the Players didn't agree.

How small is an Atom?
In English?

Well man, it's really REALLY tiny man...

Same prob with RPGs.

It's the largest subject imaginable, reality.
NOTHING is more interactive that an inteligent human.

We don't even have a good language for this stuff and our rulesets are a quagmire of personal opinion.

As much as possable I tie to textbooks or similar objective sources.

I babble.


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