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Re: (TFT) Do you remember the first time you played?

Sorry about the wordiness.
In the summer before starting Jr High a pamphlet from our church had this
article about a game that let players take part in amazing adventures.  And it
was made by some guys in my state.  I immediately sent in an order to the
address in the article.  When it arrived I read it, made some characters and
assigned monsters and treasures to the rooms in the module that came with the
set.  I somehow got my dad and brother to play, but none of us got it and
after a few rooms they found better things to do and gave up.  Despite this
disappointing bit of roleplaying I still had high hopes that there was
something to this hobby.  Not too long after this I saw that books for
Advanced D&D were appearing.  Maybe the problem was with the game and the
Advanced version is more fun.  I bought each hardcover as it came out, read
the rules and dreamed about having adventures like I read about in the article
that started this.  A bit gunshy after that first
 episode I didn't actually recruit anyone to play. 
I still made regular trips to the hobby store and one day saw that the company
that makes the cool little wargames had a game of individual combat that let
you create warriors that could actually fight monsters and animals.  The back
of the booklet even mentioned solo quests.  Woo hoo! I am going to role play
yet!  I bought Melee and got the kid that lived across the street to play it. 
We had a blast.  By that time I had started Jr High and took the game to
school to introduce to my friends.  We had been playing pencil and paper games
during study hall, but once we started playing Melee there was no turning
back.  After the study hall monitor took our dice away we had to rely on paper
chits, but still had some great battles..
So one day the dorky kid whose locker was next to mine saw Melee and asked
about it.  After talking I found out that he was in an AD&D campaign and he
gave me the DM's phone number (who was in a different school).  I was invited
to play and finally got to experience what roleplaying was all about.  He was
a great DM and I finally was able to have the incredible adventures I had been
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