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Re: (TFT) TRAMPLE Questions

----------- Sgt Hulka <hulkasgt@yahoo.com> wrote:---------------------
Now, what you might be thinking about is that the pike, as a special case,
goes first *regardless* of adjusted dex. 

That is exactly what I was thinking of. My old GM just extended that isolated case to the lance as well.  

I knew I should have checked the rules :-)  Your application of the polearm rules are precisely as written in AM.

One other note - now that I have checked in AM, is that the mounted rider (like all moving multihex figures) almost always has the opportunity to trample one hex figures, even on the turn they become engaged.  

At least that is how I read the rules on page 4 of AM.  Last sentence under MOVEMENT OF MULTIHEX FIGURES.

"It does have to stop as  soon as it occupies two at once, thus becoming engaged - and even then, it is allowed to move one more hex and push the small figures back - see below.

And in the middle of MOVING ONTO OTHER FIGURES - from the same page

"A multihex figure may push back small figures either aqt the end of its regular move (even if that move engaged it with them)or by shifting onto them while engaged.

Unless the small figure has no empty adjacent hex into which to be pushed, in which case a larger figure cannot move onto them and push them back.  

So you need a tightly packed formation, or footmen with backs against a wall, in order to engage a charging knight without getting potentially trampled. 

So while two halberdiers may well be able to stop a knight with their polearms, first they have to save vs trample (unless they are against a wall or a wall of other footmen, etc. 

Which raises a question about your polearm example.  Say it is just a lone footmen in the open, who sets to recieve a charge, and the knight moves onto him as part of his normal move,the footman saves and is pushed back a hex.  

Even though he moved back, does he still get the bonus of having set to recieve a charge?  I think the answer is yes, because otherwise he is toast, but I had never considered it before this e-mail.


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