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(TFT) Dragon's breath and use of whip

Hey, I managed to scrape up a quickie game with an old high school chum and
his son of Security Station!  We ultimately died but it was still fun.
However, a situation came up that if I had been the GM I would have handled
differently.  Not to start a huge dialogue, but what would you have done in
this situation?

Room with a 4 hex dragon and rubble.  Injured party of 3 trying to find
their way out of Security Station (and if you know this module you know that
can be very difficult).  My character has acquired some "red candles" of
some sort that I decide to try to light in the corner of the room as a last
chance to get through the room, hoping the other two characters can dance a
bit to keep the dragon engaged until the GM declared six turns pass while I
light them.  On turn 5, the dragon manages to get within 4 hexes of me and
decides to breathe fire, taking me down to 1 strength point.  I posit that
the flame from the dragon should have a very good chance of lighting the
"red candles", but the GM decides that no, the dragon only breathes heat,
like an oven, and that the "candles" aren't lit.  We die in the room, one by
one.  The rules specifically say "ST to breath FIRE".

What would you have decided?

Second situation concerning the WHIP.  My understanding is that the whip can
be used somewhat like a lasso to go for the body and take someone down.  The
GM ultimately agreed to this but said that it would take 6 turns to coil up
the whip to use it again.  This goes against my actual experience with the
whip and how it is used.  I think you should be able to use it every turn at
the required 3-5 hex distance whether you go for a body wrap or an aimed
shot to the hand.

What do you think?

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