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RE: (TFT) word value


I appreciate many of the things you write in linked page, especially
about the Renaissance and the artists fleeing Byzantium. El Greco?

I ran into the character problem in converting 2nd/3rd Ed D&D characters
to TFT for some friends. I've already related the big story to the
group. The problem was that to convert the current D&D characters at 2nd
level to TFT, I would have to make them gods in TFT. So, while a TFT
hero can be similar to a god in D&D in abilities, oddly enough a second
level D&D character is a TFT character whose gone through apotheosis! In
converting, you're attempting to reflect their character stats (STR,
CON, DX, WIS, INT, CHR), their racial abilities, their class abilities,
their non-weapon proficiencies and their weapon proficiences...oh, and
their spells! You just can't do all of this in 32 attributes and have it
make sense to the D&D player.

My D&D friends have different expectations. They want "heroic" heroes.
They want guys that slaughter legions of orcs and kobolds and, together
of course, have the ability to fight against a D&D dragon. They also
like the minute details. They have really good imaginations and probably
roleplay better than anyone I've every played with but they use the
minute details to guide them and restrain them. I don't think it is
necessary but they enjoy it. I more of a "low fantasy" guy. I could
never get attached to my TFT characters because they always died so
quickly. Never reached apotheosis...nor theosis for that matter.

I was not successful in my first attempt at introducing them to TFT. I
consider it a failure on my part and not theirs. They're just used to
something different. I've been thinking about trying again. If I work
more on my story, perhaps I'll have more luck.


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