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RE: (TFT) word value

> I guess I don't understand the nature of the issue you're addressing.
> Your examples seem to argue for creative environments with good story
> lines. I agree. Are you saying that DM's can get players to not focus
> on character development, at least the fine, granular details, by
> getting them to focus on the story and the setting?

     When you put it that way, it doesn't sound too good to me either.  Let me
take a moment on this one to internalize what you have said.  I'll respond
again in a little bit and take another pass at this post.

David Michael Grouchy II
p.s. Some of the other members have asked that we  trim off 90% of any post
quoted.  They receive the new group in digest format, and plowing through 12
pages of accumulated text that is quoted over and over can be quite numbing on
the eyes.  Especially if there is only one relevant new paragraph buried in
there somewhere.

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