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RE: (TFT) word value

> I guess I don't understand the nature of the issue you're addressing.
> Your examples seem to argue for creative environments with good
> storylines. I agree.


> Are you saying that DM's can get players to not focus on character
> development, at least the fine, granular details, by getting them to
> focus on the story and the setting?


> I would agree that players have opted to focus on the details because
> that is offered in many rule sets and  there is a tendency to use the
> fine details to min/max the characters because "everybody wants to
> win".

 * I'm listening *

> I don't know if a better scenario would solve this problem.

   Here it is.  The appearance of the word "problem" right here is what is
throwing me.  I knew there was something in here that I didn't perceive in the
first reading.

> If the clubs are in the bag, the golfer is going to use the best one for
> the job.

May I have your permission to treat this sentence as a working definition of
the "problem?"

> Are you saying that TFT's level of detail allows for a better game
> because there's less detail in character development to manipulate?
> Aidan


I think I'm going to take a third pass at this post.

David Michael Grouchy II

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