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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #1030

First time I played TFT?

I picked up Melee on a whim (since I already played D&D and OGRE) at a hobby shop in Oxford Valley Mall in Pennsylvania (I think was Allied Hobbies at the time).
My brother picked up Wizard and we all went through a bunch of arena combats and the Death Test modules. At the time, I couldn't get into the TFT books as they offended my organizational sensibilities (and still do). We never did much continuity, treating it more as a diversion and break between our campaign games of D&D (later MERP). What we liked above all else was the tactical aspect and the challenge of design for head to head combat. 

Only years later (15+) did I go the next step and track down ITL, AM & AW for the purposes of playing an online TFT game. Even now, however, we have continuity problems as we can't seem to get too attached to characters, calling them "your guy" and "my guy" since the lethality is still an issue (We had a TPK near the end of Tollenkar's Lair, even after leaving and coming back for levels 4-6). I dealt with the organizational aspect by making the Table of Contents, and printing the index on the TFT codex site. I combined the ToC, Index & all three books (splitting ITL into its player's and GM sections) into a single book which I had spiral bound. 

Finally I felt I had in my hands the original vision for TFT. Oddly this has led me to appreciate the rules as written even more, so that I don't like using whole scale optional rules, just minor tweaks.

That's a summary of my TFT journey.
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