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(TFT) Kingdom of the wolves

This scroll contains incomplete research and no new spell. It is also held by
both scholars here to be a fraud. I purchased it for ten silver, and spend
more than that shipping it to you.     Kingdom of the wolves.  The complex
social hierarchy of a wolfpack is a fascinating subject.  That has been the
study of several naturalists. It is not the subject of this scroll, as my
master has instructed me to see if a wolf can be taught to control persons.
Our first attempts used wolf pups raised in captivity. But no amount of
training could get the wolves to raise their already keen senses beyond that
of instinct. In fact when confronted with wolves in the wild, our specially
trained beasts seemed rather dull, and easily tricked. In addition a prolonged
series of telepathic probing into what they wanted for themselves,yielded only
the overwhelming desire to become stronger.  One of my telepaths was eaten by
his subject. When I probed it he conveyed that he was now the _ biggest _ dog
in the room, and even I had to do what he wanted. He somehow believed that by
eating the telepaths' heart he had gained his power.  Next we tried
shapeshifting a series of animal handlers into wolves.  They were familiar
enough with wolf behavior and wolf diet to pass the initial sniff test. But in
every case when brought to the lead wolf it was an immediate fight to the
death. Only one animal handler actually won his fight.  He took over the pack,
sired several litters, and started raiding villages teaching the other wolves
to eat babies. Then entire pack had to be putdown.  Next we developed a collar
of possession at great expense as well as collars of intelligence, and control
animal. In all cases the pack destroyed the collard wolf, or the wolf would
flee the pack until it dropped from exhaustion, and when it woke would begin
attacking itself.  Next I used astral projection with telepathy and illusion
to give aselection of different pack leaders waking dreams and visions. If one
would fulfill a vision I gave it then I would use a wish to raise its
intelligence. This seemed to be working for a while, but unfortunately they
began destroying all the male pups born to their pack. Visions to the contrary
just made matters worse and they enhanced wolves lead their respective packs
on a crosscontinent campaign to destroy all males in every other wolf pack
they could find.  It took several generations to repopulate the wolves to
their former levels. Next we raised a wolf to think it was human, and
surrounded it with humans who would do what it wanted. Even this wolf would
not self select intelligence as it grew. And when a wish was used to increase
it anyway, the humans became terrified and killed it.
Next we shape shifted pups a week after birth into baby humans. One mother
continued to nurse and raise her six. Two survived their youth. They were
easily lead by dreams and visions and it didnt matter if wolves or humans
appeared to them as they seemed to perceive no difference between the two. We
were surprised when they reached maturity and became co leaders oftheir pack.
In addition they took to any quest we gave them joyfully, even learning how to
swim great distances.  Through wishes and the adventures of they pack they
were able to raise their intelligence to the point that they could conceivably
be able to learn how to cast control person. There was considerable and
extended debate as to which one we should teach. Eventually we decided to
teach both, so I had to go and beg my master for another to assist me. He sent
his own son anddaughter to teach them, and I was removed from the Project.   -
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