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RE: (TFT) word value

> My D&D friends have different expectations.


> Aidan

     Let them continue to walk on the beaches they are familiar with.

> So what's to be done about it?


> Aidan

     Greater wizards are community builders.

> If the clubs are in the bag,
> the golfer is going to use the best one for the job.

     Ok, so seriously this time.   First I'm going to say what I mean, then
I'm going
to try and help you solve the problem.  The second part being against my
better instincts.
     The history of golf.  The Country of origin.  It's proliferation.  It's
rise in
popularity.  It's symbol as status.  The advances in technology.  The advances
in technique.  The rise of prize value from sponsors.  Etcetera.

     So I'm an anomaly.   Just as my Grandfather used to carve his own wooden
handles so do I.  Back in his day though the traveling pros had heard of him
and would stop by and ask for one.  These days I pretty much just do it for
     I don't play on the club greens much either.   I play on an older course
where everything is rough and there is no green.  My club heads have been
handed down for three generations, each one of us carving their own handles
for the set.
    One day I join some friends on professional course.  Someone new is there.
They are going on about how powerful the new graphite cores are.  How much
control they get with the new balls.  The new person is also wearing very
expensive high tech golfing shoes.  Oh, and to top it of the new person
beats everyone.
     I don't say much.
     Ok, so now, to try to help you solve the problem.

     I believe you said that trying to convert their D&D characters to TFT had
not gone well.  Unable to do with just 32 points, or something like that.  I
now going to do something I would normally never ever do.   Provide tables
for converting D&D 3+ to TFT.  May god have mercy on my soul.
     D&D 3+ to TFT conversion method and formula.
     1) Gather every D&D book in the house.     2) Any books that are absent
cannot be used.     3) If a previously created character uses a book that is
not here for this
session, then those abilities are likewise not available this session.     4)
For each 2 points of IQ spent the character gets access to, and the ability to
use all powers within, any one D&D book.     5) Enjoy.

    Now, each session I'll bring my TFT books and you can truck in your stack
of D&D books.
     David Michael Grouchy II
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