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RE: (TFT) word value

Freaking formatting

Try this one

     I believe you said that trying to convert their D&D
characters to TFT had not gone well.  Unable to do
with just 32 points, or something like that.  I am now
going to do something I would normally never ever do.
Provide for converting D&D 3+ to TFT.  May god have
mercy on my soul.

D&D 3+ to TFT conversion method and formula.

1) Gather every D&D book in the house.
2) Any books that are absent cannot be used.
3) If a previously created character uses a book that
    is not here for this session, then those abilities are
    likewise not available this session.4) For each 2 points of IQ spent the
character gets
    access to, and the ability to use all powers within,
    any one D&D book.
    Now, each session I'll bring my TFT books and you
can truck in your stack of D&D books.

    David Michael Grouchy II
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