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RE: (TFT) (Battle Report) Mounted Combat

Just fluff for the defend action. In mechanical terms, the shield didn't
protect, and even if it had its measely 1 point of defense wouldn't have done
squat against the 6+2 lance damage.
Think of it as a chronicler's after-action report, who feels like he needs to
spice it up a bit. Hopefully, as you detected here, the game-mechanics
explanations in parenthesis clarifies what really happened even if
contradicted by the narrative.
Thanks for pointing out the shield damage thing though -- I haven't yet used
breaking shields but it's nice to remember the rule exists.
As regards to defending a side hex...where is that prohibited? Some weeks
ago I was looking for that, since it seemed questionable, but I couldn't find
anywhere in the rules that prevented it. The only prohibition I could find on
the defend action was that you couldn't move more than 1 hex. As someone else
has pointed out, the organization of these rules is not their strong point, so
if it is prohibited to use the defend action against side and rear hexes I'd
love to know.

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> Mounted Man-at-Arms

>   Small Shield (0/1)

> One Knight wheels around the right flank of the formation to

> lance the mounted Man-at-Arms protecting that position.

> The Knight finds an opening on the mounted Man-at-arms

> right side. The mounted Man-at-arms attempts to deflect
> the attack with his buckler (defend action) but the Knight's

> lance, with the force of his galloping warhorse beneath him,
> splinters the buckler and kills the man-at-arms cowering

> behind it (beats adjDex 12...+2 from side attack...on 4 dice).

> Hulka

Love this part particularly

> splinters the buckler

   Adds spectacular visuals to the narrative.  But a couple of points of
procedure, if I may.  A shield affords 1 less protection when it has absorbed
20 times its "hits stopped."  While I can see a lance charge easily
doing 20
points of damage on average, I would have thought that since the shield would
only absorb 1 point of that from this single attack, it would not shatter
until later.  Unless of course it absorbed all 20, but then wouldn't the
mounted man at arms still be alive?

   Also defending a side hex is new to me.

"SHIELDS defend against physical or missile-spell attacks from the 3 front
hexes (or if slung on the back from the back hex.)"

  -Advanced Melee, page 10

David Michael Grouchy II

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