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(TFT) I knew this guy (first time)

I knew this guy (his first game)

     I knew this guy.  His first time role playing he is given a mission to
assassinate the leader of a city.  Hopelessly unsure of what is going on, he
lets the DM lead him around.  He is told who his character is, how long the
travel takes, how much is spent along the way, even where he sleeps.

     Finally arriving at the city all of a sudden the DM starts to play

     The guards at the gate demand to know who you are.

     Unsure himself, the player looks down at the character sheet he didnt
fill out and reads aloud his own name.  He looks at the DM and says it again.
Poor guy actually thinks hes getting the hang of it.

     What is your business in our city.

     The player is pretty sure this is a test.  You know, like in school.  To
see if he remembers.  So he says to the DM to assassinate the leader of this

     The DM laughs and laughs, and laughs.  He has the character arrested,
dragged off to prison, and executed.  The DM then goes on a tour of our gaming
community telling everyone the story and how goofy this player is.

     I even remember the DMs punch line.  Yeah, he was like, oh man someone
is talking to me?  He must be _important_ .

     Personally I feel that the failure lay entirely with the DM.  Further
that he could do psychological damage by treating people this way.  And to top
it off, defaming the person by going on a mission to spread the story is
beyond the threshold of polite behavior.

     I kept this to myself at the time.  I did let him know that I disapproved
though.  But in a way that I hopped he would figure it out for himself.  I
said Did it ever occur to you that we tend to see in the world what we see in
ourselves?  At least he stopped bragging about the incident.

David Michael Grouchy II

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