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Re: (TFT) Theory of dungeons

Quoting David Michael Grouchy II <david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com>:

What is your theory of Labyrinths & Dungeons

All of the below...
A randomly populated hole in the ground.

Sometimes. Beast lairs tend to be like this, but fairly simple.
Outposts of the underworld. In a few places theyve broken surface.

Not all that often, though I suppose the fire termites fall into this category.
An outgrowth of tyranny & oppression.

See the resistance.
A by product of Law. People held before execution or to be questioned.

Sure. But the players aren't likely to go there. I have more players playing as if they're in Lankhmar than going after political power.
     Corruption of a sanctuary.  Once a secret place to hide knowledge or

Yep. The tomb of Myron Amberheart and his cronies, killed by a trio of ogre
     A test of character.  Made in culture where priest & king are same

There's always Death Test...
     Almost incomprehensible.  For all practical purposes a remnant of an
older civilization.

Well, there's that one where the rooms don't map right without some occupying
the same space...
Smugglers storage. At an old exchange point, with loading ramps for air, water, or land.

See the resistance.
     A tool of the resistance.  Tunnels to undermine the current authority &
get access to sensitive areas.

Sotf of. There's a lot of this sort of thing under the main city. No one has yet
figured out, though, that organized crime, the resistance, and the legitimate
government are one and the same. There's a lot can happen in 435 years if you
have the same guys with their Youth running things. Then again, no one's
figured out taht the Thorsz died centuries ago, and all that's ever seen are
illusions. And if the illusions are disbelieved, it's just that the Thorsz was
too busy to be there for whatever it was.
     A research lab.  For the creation & summoning of monsters, some of which
may have been human before.

Tollenkar's Lair fits.
Neil Gilmore
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