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(TFT) Theory of dungeons

What is your theory of Labyrinths & Dungeons

     A randomly populated hole in the ground.

     Outposts of the underworld.  In a few places theyve broken surface.

     An outgrowth of tyranny & oppression.

     A by product of Law.  People held before execution or to be questioned.

     Corruption of a sanctuary.  Once a secret place to hide knowledge or

     A test of character.  Made in culture where priest & king are same

     A way of concealing an army.  Hidden from the world it can be summoned
almost instantly.

     Almost incomprehensible.  For all practical purposes a remnant of an
older civilization.

     Smugglers storage.  At an old exchange point, with loading ramps for air,
water, or land.

     A trap for the mind.  Contains dangerous monsters who cant find their
way out.

     A tool of the resistance.  Tunnels to undermine the current authority &
get access to sensitive areas.

     A research lab.  For the creation & summoning of monsters, some of which
may have been human before.

David Michael Grouchy II
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