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Re: (TFT) Odds Question/Musings

At 15:16 -0400 8/16/08, Sgt Hulka wrote:
Here's a figure-build question. ..... .normally I'd go with the
knight described above: ST 13 DX 15 (12/11) IQ 8. The ST 13 is for the cavalry
lance and then when dismounted he switches to bastard sword. But using the
heavy weapon rule, I could instead create a figure that is ST 11 DX 17
(14/13/11) IQ 8. ...
Which do you think is a better build?

It just aesthetically rankles me to ask a guy to go out and routinely use a weapon for which he's not strong enough. As a commander, I'd go with requiring ST 13. It'll be easier for him mounting and dismounting, lugging gear around the camp, etc. etc.

As a player character, I can *easily* see a young knight or squire moving up to lance well before he's really ST:13; wanting to fill his father's shoes, or whatever.

So either answer is acceptable, depending on the situation, IMHO.

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