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(TFT) Natural Magic User - Reworked

I thought about the criticisms received and tried to rework this ability,
let me know what you think.

If a characters race is listed as a natural magic user they get a bonus to
their capacity to use magic.  They can have an pool of fatigue points to
power their spells.  The size of the fatigue pool starts at zero, but for
every 1000 ST points used in casting spells the size of their fatigue pool
increases by one; up to the value of their base ST.  Each point in the
fatigue pool can only be charged once per day.  This reservoir is charged by
casting spells using strength, every five points of ST used to cast a spell
places one point into this reservoir.  It may take more than one day to
fully charge a fatigue pool, but the fatigue points remain in the pool until
used.  The Natural Magic User may choose to power his spells from the
fatigue pool or from his ST.  This ability has other advantages when used in
combination with the IQ 13 spell Moonpool.  To clarify: if a fatigue point
is used that point may not be charged again until after midnight on the next

This amounts to a 20% reduction in the ST cost to power Spells for one of
these races, which without the limitations placed upon this ability would
amount to a huge benefit.  To further balance this I modified other aspects
of these races, generally slowing their recovery from physical injury.

Does this make more sense?

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