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RE: (TFT) First Magic Items Purchased

Quoting Christopher Brandon <brandon@pokemon-seattle.com>:

Maybe it is just the way we played, but magical items beyond potions or a blessed holy symbol or something like that were not available for purchase. We did not have Mary's Magical Mystery Mall available by any means. This stemmed form our own thoughts that magical items were rare and precious.

Same here. You're far more likely to acquire fine weapons, or one shot items. Part of it is that milieu where the govt., resistance, and crime are all the
same people. Part of it is that it's a lot more fun if the players make things
for themselves. Part of it is my dislike for playing the charafter sheet vs. playing the character. And part of it is that because magic items are rare, they do attract that bad luck if you use them regularly (others want them too).
Neil Gilmore
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