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(TFT) Glory Road style dungeon...

I made a beauty 30 years ago and the players couldn't QUITE reach it.
Remember "Glory Road", and the turn in the corridor that turned out to be an
illusion?  So, I constructed a pyramid with illusional twists and turns, and
illusions of "straight" when the corridor turned...  (Remember, the mind is
fooled by the illusion.  No reason a person wouldn't go around the corner and
think they're walking straight.)

The players HAD to be given an opportunity to see the exterior of the dungeon
and thus to know the size that each level had to fit into, so that as they
mapped, they'd quickly turn the wrong way and be able to say "HEY!  There's a
problem with the mapping Craig!  You've got us going outside the pyramid now!"
and then start to work it out.  (But if someone has a true sense of direction,
like Oscar Gordon, then they could figure it out the first time they found an
illlusion turn.)

Probably a VERY old concept around this group of grognards, but I've wondered
ever since how it would've gone if they hadn't given up, gone back to town,
and ended up founding a colony instead.

BTW, it was a "logical" dungeon, populated with the appropriate zombies and
skeletons and traps and scarabs and such.

Craig B
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