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RE: (TFT) Glory Road style dungeon...

> The players HAD to be given an opportunity to see the exterior
> of the dungeon and thus to know the size that each level had
> to fit into, so that as they mapped, they'd quickly turn the
> wrong way and be able to say "HEY! There's a problem with the
> mapping Craig! You've got us going outside the pyramid now!"
     My first dungeon design which I never ran.  It's a pyramid.  In the
middle of the pyramid is a time gate.  One end is when the gate spell is first
cast, the other is at the current day.  The key though is that in order to
work, the characters _ have _ to not know exactly where they are.
     The path into and through the pyramid is a bit of misdirrection.  But
only designed to disconect the caracters mind from exact placement in the
physical world.  Then the gate works.

     Never ran that setting.

     What you describe I have encontered.  A lot.  In fact I feel it is a
major theme of GMing in all game systems.  Across all GMing styles.  The
moment where a GM is ''willing to suffer being disbelieved by the players.''
     ``But I killed him.``
     ``He's alive.``

      ``HOW! You're cheating.  No he isn't.  Give it up man.  Aww what the

      Then they usually turn to the other players for support and begin the
process of ganging up.  This is the dangerous moment.  Explain why, and the GM
gives away the plot twist.  Remain immovable and the players feel like their
GM has turned into a block head.  How to sustain the secret without tipping
your hand?

    Particularly difficult when one considers that 90% of players have been
misstreated by shyster or bluffing GM's.

    I can't say anything really.  This is role playing at its most personal
level.  The trust directly between two or more people.  One thing I do try to
do is assuage the variables that may contribute to their self doubt.  For
instance in the example you cite.

    I lean forward, examine their map in some detail for a moment.  Take it
and compare it to mine.  Set it back down.  ``You have mapped every direction
I gave you correctly.``

David Michael Grouchy II

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