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RE: (TFT) New Spell - Bind Scroll

> IQ 21
> Bind Scroll:
> Scroll maybe used once per day. A bound scroll maybe made self powered at an
additional cost of ten times the base cost of the scroll per ST point

   * Coffee spays all over my monitor *
    Leapin Lizzards!  Granny fetch me shot gun, I got a live one.

    Talk about getting an education worth every penny.

    Rich college kid leaning against his magic carpet surrounded by his
grouppies.  ``So yeah, like I've got all 25 enchantments right.  So Like they
have to build this library for me.  They are stacking it with every immunity
in the world.  Yeah.  So like when I graduate I'm supposed to like become god
or soemthing.  I don't know.``

David Michael Grouchy II

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