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(TFT) New Spell - Bind Scroll

IQ 21
Bind Scroll: Allows the wizard to bind a scroll into a book.  Must start
with the appropriate Scroll.  Cost =((cost of scroll) X (IQ level of scroll)
2) plus 1000 Silver for the cost of the bindings.  Time required in weeks is
equal to the IQ level of the scroll.  The wizard must make a 6 die roll vs
DX+IQ each week or the scroll is lost and he must start over with a new
scroll.  Up to five Scrolls maybe bound into a single book.  Bound Scrolls
are not destroyed when used, but the caster must pay the ST cost.  Each
Scroll maybe used once per day.  A bound scroll maybe made self powered at
an additional cost of ten times the base cost of the scroll per ST point it
is self powered.  Not all the scrolls need to be self powered.  You need not
make each scroll completely self powered, but may cast one or more ST from
the Scroll and the rest yourself.  Prerequisits are, Scholar, Write Scroll,
Spellsniffer, Greater Magic Item Creation.  It takes three turns to read a
bound scroll.  All other restrictions are as per using a Scroll.
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