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Re: (TFT) Staff and Pole Ax

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> From: "Edward Villarreal" <edwardv@gmail.com>
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> Subject: (TFT) Staff and Pole Ax
> Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 15:59:45 -0500
> Can the Staff spell be cast on a Pole Ax, if it can how much damage does it
> do?

Not sure if anyone replied to this...

IMHO: A wizard can cast staff on a Pole Ax.
In it's basic form the staff becomes a magic cattle prod and inflicts a 1D6 zap on a successful hit. As a magic trap it will explode inflicting 3D6 on anyone that handles the staff against the wizards will. The explosion destroys the staff spell and the item it was cast on. If Staff is cast on a weapon, the weapon will do it's normal damage plus 1D6 zap on a successful hit.

Bear in mind the following:
1) Only the wizard that cast the staff spell can use that item as a staff. A wizard can not create a staff for someone else. Others can pick it up and use it with the wizards permission but don't get the zap.

2) A wizard may only have one staff at a time. You cannot create a bundle of staffs to use as magic boobytraps or exploding arrows.

3) The staff spell allows the wizard to wield his staff as a club. (The wizard dosn't require a weapon talent to use their staff as a club.) If staff is cast on a weapon, the wizard will require the appropriate weapon talent to use their staff as that weapon type or else suffer a -4 DX penalty for unfamiliarity.

There was some discussion on this list a long while back regarding combining staff spell with quarter staff.



Chris Nicole

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