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Re: (TFT) Staff and Pole Ax

4. The pole weapon must be made of silver, which is not a very good metal for an axe, it's fine for a spear.? Very hard to keep sharp.

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> Can the Staff spell be cast on a Pole Ax, if it can how much damage does it
> do?

Bear in mind the following:
1) Only the wizard that cast the staff spell can use that item as a staff. A 
wizard can not create a staff for someone else. Others can pick it up and use it 
with the wizards permission but don't get the zap.

2) A wizard may only have one staff at a time. You cannot create a bundle of 
staffs to use as magic boobytraps or exploding arrows.

3) The staff spell allows the wizard to wield his staff as a club. (The wizard 
dosn't require a weapon talent to use their staff as a club.) If staff is cast 
on a weapon, the wizard will require the appropriate weapon talent to use their 
staff as that weapon type or else suffer a -4 DX penalty for unfamiliarity.



Chris Nicole
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