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RE: (TFT) Justifying an aspect of combat...

**After years of play, I just realized something. Combat is only based
on your ability to hit, and it doesn't take your opponents Dex into

In my home rules we allow a person who is the target of a successful
attack to roll to parry if they are using a sword (not a foil or rapier)
or a matching weapon in Melee(axe vs Axe, mace vs mace etc.)
Alternatively they may dodge if they are not using a correct weapon to
parry with. A player may only make one defense roll per turn in combat.
So you get one attack roll and one defense roll per turn.

Note: I do not allow for the dodging of arrows if the person firing is
within 15 hexes of the target, but I do allow a dodge attempt if the
weapon is a thrown one.

This allows someone with a higher DX a chance to avoid the blow and
makes combat interactive. I know some TFT purists dislike the extra die
roll, but I think it makes combat more interactive and intense.    

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