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Re: (TFT) Justifying an aspect of combat...

I had the same complaint you did until I discovered that, by the rules as written, if you fail a roll to miss against an enemy figure, the arrow/spear/axe/bolt/whatever just misses everything entirely. The only time you actually damage a figure with a failed roll to miss is when you're rolling to miss a friendly figure. This is spelled out under thrown weapons on the top of page 16 of Advanced Melee. It's pretty close to your house rule, but makes it even more difficult for that DX 9 fighter to hit someone hiding behind three mates because he has to roll a 9 or less four times in a row or he misses everyone.

In HTH combat, you roll once to see if you hit at all, and then you determine randomly who you hit...there's no roll to miss with missile or thrown weapons in HTH combat (Advanced Melee page 18 under HITTING YOUR FRIENDS). I'll admit I didn't even know that until just now.

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> But, if you really want to have a beef with the rules, I
> think that you need to look into the "roll to
> miss" rules when a figure has very low dex.? If a DX 9
> fighter with a crossbow fires at three figures in a row and
> chooses to aim at the one in the back, then he rolls to miss
> on a DX9 on the first person.? So, he hits the first person
> on a 10 or more.? We've actually made adjustments to say
> that you're only rolling to "miss" for
> friendly units.
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