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Re: (TFT) Justifying an aspect of combat...

Our cliche is "hit first and knock em down so they spend a round standing and readying a weapon".

Much has been said about the game's definition of "simultaenous" action.? We even experimented for a while with both parties hit on?an adj-dx tie.? But, in all honesty, I actually perfer the system where adj-dx to hit model to the "that creature can't hit you at your AC" model.? Mele works because targets absorb/deflect damage with armor instead of saying they missed you.? It seems absurd to me that two figures tanked up in fine plate with great swords, standing face to face somehow "miss" one another.? Rather, they hit and x% of the blow is absorbed or deflected.? 

But, if you really want to have a beef with the rules, I think that you need to look into the "roll to miss" rules when a figure has very low dex.? If a DX 9 fighter with a crossbow fires at three figures in a row and chooses to aim at the one in the back, then he rolls to miss on a DX9 on the first person.? So, he hits the first person on a 10 or more.? We've actually made adjustments to say that you're only rolling to "miss" for friendly units.

Also suspect is the aiming into a hand to hand pile rules, but now we're just beating the dead horse.

Good Fortune,

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After years of play, I just realized something.
Combat is only based on your ability to hit, and it doesnt take your
opponents dex into consideration.

Did I forget something?

If not, how do you justify?
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