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Re: (TFT) Dexterity Problem in TFT

Quoting Gavin@TheFantasyQuest.com:

Allow me to state clearly what the TFT DX problem really is.  To me, it's
always been like an Elephant in the room.  For many of us TFT players it's
simply too big to ignore, which is why so many of us have come up our own

It's only a problem if you want your system to reflect reality. I gave up on
that a long time ago. Now, what I want is consistency. I want the system to be
internally correct. It does not have to reflect reality. Like you, I fenced in high school (epee). I wrestled. I learned savate, TKD, and aikido (and the usual mishmash that comes along with a life in martial arts). I've been Knighted in the SCA (and, come Saturday, I'll be King of Northshield, again). I've studied Fiore with Bob Charron, and DiGrassi with James Crouchet. I've been a professional bouncer. I've spent tens of thousands of hours learning how to beat people up.
Systems that reflect reality would be too complex, and get in the way of
gameplay. You'd need to model not just defensive DX, but understadn taht it can vary not only from the offensive DX, but changes for literally every combination
of opponent, his offensive maneuver, your defensive maneuver, time of day, and
circumstances surrounding the manuever, including exactly which series of
previous maneuvers were attempted, and their results.
So I just prefer that a system be consistent. If your ultra-high-dex character
wants to be hard to hit, have him take enough Unarmed Combat to give him that
Neil Gilmore
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