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RE: (TFT) Death test first encounter: spider probs....

> From: joel.siragher@gmail.com
> At least
> maybe i can run some noobs through death test.

    Death test is a death sentence.  It will be kinder to have them take level
one characters through tomb of horrors.  At least that way the get to see some
pretty pictures from the booklet before they die.

    Melee combat with out a GM and you playing too is the best way to start.
100 $ for each new character.  Winner takes the 200 $ from a one on one fight.
Best with 3 players minimum.
    1 to 3 game sessions

    Once $1,000 is reached buy a magic weapon, and add in wizards to the
fights.  Once each player can design a character specifically to defeat any
other character design move to the campaign.
    1 to 12 game sessions

    Let them retire their arena characters from risky play, but act as the
patron of their new characters.  They make new characters and work for a year,
or as many new characters as it takes for one to survive for a year.  Be very
strict with the time required to have a magic item made if they wish to
purchase one before the year is up.  Recommend at least blur, maybe stone
flesh.  Once they are ready with characters who are probably 33 -35 points,
have your retired arena character offer them a mission. Role play it.

     A squadron of young 32 points nobles hires the team to lead them on a
dragon slaying expedition.  The dragon in guarding 10,000 pieces of gold, is
4-hexes, and incredibly crafty using shapeshifting to join the party before
leaving the city.  Surrounding the dragons lair is a wilderness with only foot
paths connecting a bunch of isolated farms populated by single extended
families.  All the farmers hate adventures and will try to trap, confuse,
dissuade, run off, or kill the party.  ``She only takes sheep, you glory
hounds take lives.``
    Once a few farmers force a fight to the death the nobles start to act very
evil and insist on a preemptive strike at the next farm.  If the players join
the nobles, atrocities are committed and the shape shifted dragon will start
executing them during the night one by one. If, on the other hand, the
player(s) turns against them the dragon will join in the fight against the
evil nobles.

     Total game time 1 to 3 months.

     If the campaign doesn't die out or get derailed before the end
congratulate everyone on finishing their first TFT campaign.  Make a show of
folding up maps and cleaning up the books and putting away dice.  Be honest
with you self and be prepared to accept that it is over.  If a miracle happens
and they ask for more, or that you continue then, then look thoughtful for a
long minute before answering.  Tell them, ``well I guess the dragon could be a
good ally`` if they went that route, or ``well I suppose the nobles don't
deserve all that money`` if they went the other route.

David Michael Grouchy II

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