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(TFT) Death test first encounter: spider probs....

I am trying to learn tft to a level that that I can dm it again. At least
maybe i can run some noobs through death test.

The first encounter was due west: 12 spiders in a chest. The party gets

For characters I was using Flavius and Wulf from Melee.

As I was reading it, I translated it to read: 12 spiders automatically jump
on the people opening the chest, they go right into HTH,

the spiders are 12 ocv... er... adjust dex :) They all do 2 pts of damage
per bite.

This meant to me that 6 hit flavius all at once and 6 hit Wulf. Wulf has
zero armor.

All six of them bit wulf on the first turn. Wulf was gone in 2 turns.

I think I made a mistake. I was trying to see if all 6 could engage him in
hth at once.

Are the critters that small that they could all get good shots in on him?
were they surrounding him in adj hexes, or actually on him...

Please help this senior citizen figur out what should have been doing as a
DM and as player.
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