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RE: (TFT) Variants = flavor of the age

> Arguments:
> A
> B
> C
> D


    If I may.  One more pass at variation between ST 10 & 11.  Some weapons
rules are cited.  What you write parses as correct to me.  Then I reflect
about it and wonder ``how did i get here.``  I then I remember.  What I`m
about to lay out has never been a popular or even accepted view.  In fact
every time I can remember it being cited it is an example of something badly
wrong and in requirement of being fixed.  But just for the sake of frivolity
let's pretend it's right and see what mental gymnastics are required to reach
the perspective where it looks right too.

   the strength 9, 10, and 11 swords differ by half a kilogram each.  At the
extreme the 7 kg  greatsword has been pointed out as particularly inaccurate.
But for the sake of frivolity let's pretend it's right.  This is the strength
minimum to swing the sword through a series of fights without any TFT scale
fatigue, and to have the weapon ready for use each turn.  It's possible, maybe
not reasonable, but possible to argue that a ST 8 TFT character is in what we
would consider Olympic form.  But we'll put that aside for a moment and do
some mental gymnastics first.

   Can a 3-hex giant lift a house?  25 ST / 3 = 8 ST per hex.  Lower than the
average ST to body size ratio.  A stone building I'd guess no.  Wooden maybe.
If it is not very secure to its foundation.  Otherwise its an easy 5D roll to
smash the wall like a door.  But generally everyone perceives ST 25 to be an
absolute value irrespective of the creatures Mass.  So if ST were determined
by a formula ala Champions we could get something like ((muscle ST * hexes) +
constitution + (endurance * 10)) /13 or any number of factors.

   So it may be obvious that I'm trying to leverage endurance as a very
important unrealized aspect of Strength.  It explains how I can say a ST 9
Rapier user in TFT is in Olympic form.  Sure other people can fence, and fence
well.  But can they fence for an hour tirelessly and under duress.  I know, I
know.  This is what is called a weak argument.  Even though encumberance lists
5 x ST as max carried but grants a 10 minute exception for up to 7 x ST at 1
fatigue every 2 minutes.  But what the hell, lets see how that plays out.

   First convert 2 minute(#) carrying to 1 turn under duress in combat.  This
yields a new optional rule of 1 fatigue to use a weapon of greater required ST
for 1 turn at no DX minus, or to increase damage done by a club by the same
strength.  Using 10 as a base line on ST we get 10 / 2 = 2 so 2 * 7 = 14 or +4
Strength.  Ergo a ST 10 figure can wield a 2 handed sword for 1 fatigue per
turn at no DX minus, but still requires ST 14 to be able to fight all day in
top form.

   Now to wrap up.  Not to be taken seriously.  Just an exercise in the
mathematical underpinnings of term definitions.  The reason I may have first
started using this view is because I really enjoyed the phrase ``A ST 9 rapier
user in TFT is in Olympic form.``  Players don't mind.  Additionally we can
throw in the jump over 2 hexes rule and mention that if a TFT average Rapier
person can do that with 26.5 kg on their back they are definitely cutting the
figure of an Olympiad.  2 to 3 times ST of encumberance gives no DX minus.  5D
vs ST +DX = success.  A figure with ST 9 DX 15 will make this 99.9% of tries.
Push that up to 36 kg and they can still succeed at 99.5% (DX -1 = 23 vs 5D)
and that's not all.  3 MA to jump from one side to the other side of a 2 hex
hole still leaves enough MA to defend, dodge, or attack.

   What this means is that Aragorn could have made that jump carrying Sam
instead of Frodo.  He could have done it while still dodging another arrow.
And that it would have caused him no fatigue at all.  Now this may be too
heroic or Epic for many tastes.  And calling ST 9 Olympic form definetly
deviates from the ITL page 7 ``10 is the human 'average' for each attribute.``
But how I feel about it is TFT is too humble in its self description.  The
game is positively modest and only seeking justice.

     So I have given it a promotion .  Internal consistency remains.
Comparison to other games is greatly improved.  AD&D hit points convert to TFT
Strength at ST = HP divided by 25 rounded up.  TFT DX = (21 - thaco) /3, u.
And IQ = AD&D level.  This accurately reflects the value of the two game
systems in my eyes.  Further everyone from our real life is TFT ST 1 and only
the top 0.03% are ST 2.  A TFT character would be a god in our midst.  And to
push this heresy right into the fire, all Gurps characters are ST 1, DX 1, IQ
1 with ((character point total) -100) /1,000 ,d extra points because thats how
little I think of Gurps, and what it has done to otherwise interesting

   * Insane evil laugher of the power mad *

   So now one can see why I might suggest that all genetic variation can exist
between ST 10 and 11.  In the invisible space of over a one point spread.
Because I'm packing entire worlds into that space.  but on the Frivolity scale
I feel the numbers are accurate enough to launch and land an interplanetary
mission three hundred and seventy one times in a row with out incident.  Which
is why I rate planet earth as IQ 1.  We've only been to the Moon, and we
immediately became fatigued with the endeavor, left a log of our equipment
there, and gave up the whole enterprise.

   * Lightning strikes and a terminator troll is strapped down to the table in
the background *

David Michael Grouchy II

(#) Note
   Converting 2 minute carrying to 1 combat turn comes from the following
   2 years / 24 = 1 month
   1 month / 30 = 1 day
   1 day / 24 = 1 hour
   1 hour / 30 = 2 minutes
   2 min / 24 = 1 turn

(##) Note
   It is important to me that the formulas be ignored.  The word value is left
intact in this frivolous piece which had me laughing when I wrote it, and
elicited a chuckle from the person I tested it on.  I did all of this by
playing fast & lose with the math.  But the terms, definitions, & meanings are
treated with rigorous adherence to precedent.

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