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RE: (TFT) Swords'n'Sorcery Terminator

At 20:20 -0400 9/13/08, DMG wrote:
 An item with immunity to zombie may be a hidden from of
regeneration from negative to positive 1 ST.  It feels like a merry go round.
I'm getting dizzy.  Someone stop this thing so I can get off.

Sorry, didn't mean to cause mental anguish!

I sussed it as follows:

Zombies normally decay but can be regenerated by healing potions, further Zombie spells, *etc.* (I added emphasis).

Trolls regenerate at 1 hit/turn. This is so much faster than ordinary healing (or even Vampire healing) that I think it *has* to be magical. So there's something about Trolls - including their "dead" bodies - that causes them to heal.

So I just lumped that Trollish "something" into the "etc." part of the Zombie rule. The Troll's magic regeneration keeps the Zombie Troll body topped off, just as though it were sitting at the local Health Potion bar scaring off customers as it quaffed a pint every 5 seconds. I note Aidan said:

 Aidan wrote:
 The zombie
 > spell says that wounds don't heal naturally but must rely on outside magic.

but I couldn't find the "outside" requirement on the magic in the books.

However, the Troll's "spirit" never gets a chance to re-invest its recovered body - the "health" in the body is all Zombie health, with no room for natural (sic?) Troll health to take over.

I guess, if the Zombie Troll were "killed", maybe it's up for grabs whether the Troll, at long last, re-invests his body and heals up to normal (but with a bad headache and severe sense of dislocation), or his magic re-invigorates the Zombie. I'd tend to think the Troll would take back over in that case.

Meantime, as long as the Zombie lasts, the spell keeps the Troll body under the control of the casting wizard.

But I'm a little confused myself, hence the request for opinions, for which many thanks. I'll definitely have to think about it some more.

At 20:20 -0400 9/13/08, TFT Digest wrote:
 So can a slime be made undead?

Ew. I think maybe I'll just take comfort in the idea that mine is not the most devious imagination on the list :-).
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