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Re: (TFT) Shield Wall - Modifier Options

Quoting lifeisfun@aol.com:

I believe you break a shield wall by dividing into a small (token) flanking force that holds preparing to flank on one end while you attack with force on the other end.? A shield wall is an inefficient use of men if you are not confronted with a larger, frontal attack.? By placing a fast moving smaller group on the outside,?you can prevent the center and tail from coming to the aid of the head, then you have tied up their power maintaining a useless defense.

There's a number of ways to defeat the wall, but I'm not going to get into much theory here. One could only attack the ends where the bonuses are lesser. One could concentrate attacks on one member of the wall, and force a retreat. One could, using some of the fancier rules, tie up an arm holding a shield. One could shield bash (haven't looked up those rules in a long time). You could enter HTH. With spells, there's even more options.
Really, you either kill it in place, usually from the ends, or you break the
integrity by taking someone out of the middle.
Neil Gilmore
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