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Re: (TFT) New to TFT

Welcome to the fantasy trip!  Pull up a mushroom.
TFT's a great system.  Simple, to the point and flexible enough without allowing for craziness.  I've been gaming with it since '86 and we still debate the rules around, so don't expect to grasp the whole ruleset without controversy.  House rules typically address what people feel are shortcomings in a game that was abandoned by the developers before I started playing it.  But, it is playable without any modifications.  I'd suggest learning the basic rules first with some modules before adopting the spin-off's.  Otherwise it's hard to know why those house rules exist in the first place.
Good Fortune,

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Hello everyone.... I'm not really sure how this mailing list works, so I hope
I'm doing it right.  Anyway I just found this awesome little combat system a
few months ago, and have been tinkering with it a bit.  The first batch of
info I found was David O. Miller's stuff on Heroscape hexes.  I tried that
idea out with pretty good success.  I like to paint Warhammer figures too, so
I use those for the minis.  It works out pretty well in most instances.

Anyway, I've been searching through the archives for awhile looking for rule
questions and answers.  I've also picked up a few house rules.  The only
problem I've had is finding information in one place.  Most things I find on
TFT are scattered around the net.

So, that's my intro.  I'll wait to get the hang of the system, then I'll post
some more.

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