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(TFT) What kind of tactics are useful?

As a new player, I haven't really had enough time to play enough games to
understand what weapon and armor combos work well together, and what kind of
tactics to use.  I use miniatures to represent the fighters, so I'd like to
arm them appropriately if I can.  Could some of you veterans help me out a

So far, the weapon types I can come up with are:  1H weapon and shield, 1H
spear and shield, 2 1H weapons, 2H pole weapon, 2H great weapon, 2H ranged
weapon.  At least, those are the only types I've played with.  So, could
somebody help me figure out the best combos for armored vs. unarmored figures?
I would think it's better for unarmored figures to wield 2 weapons since they
have higher DX.  On the other hand 2H weapons might be better for heavy
armored warriors since they can't take shields to protect them.  Your

Also, I'd like to ask about ranged weapons.  To me... they seem kind of
useless.  Once your foes have any kind of decent armor on, it becomes very
hard to damage them with a 1 die bow.  If they dodge, then it's even harder.
If you have a crossbow, you'll do more damage, at the cost of having to wait 1
or 2 turns to reload.  I would also like to introduce firearms into the mix
(so I can incorporate my Warhammer Empire and Dwarf figures), but the firearms
rules are very primitive.  I think the one rifle you have to reload for 12
turns?  I think it's much more productive to just hack and slash at your
enemies.  Again, your thoughts?

What kind of uses do you find for hand to hand combat?  The number 1 reason I
use it is to take down heavily armored foes.  I'll try to jump them with
lightly armored, dagger wielding fighters.  Then while they're on the ground,
they drop their great axe and have to use their bare fists to attack.  And
with a DX score of 9, 10, or 11, good luck drawing a dagger or disengaging.
If they do disengage or get out, they still need to pick up their weapons in
the hex they fell.  If they don't get up, then other figures with better
weapons will just hack at him on the ground since they get the +4DX bonus.
Even with heavy armor, it's bound to make a dent.  Other than that, I haven't
really found much other use for it.  Thoughts?

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