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(TFT) Stormbringer & Elric

I don't think Stormbringer ever actually "possessed" Elric, though. The relationship seemed to be symbiotic. Elric was a sickly, weak albino. Stormbringer didn't actually weaken him; it medicated him. It furnished Elric with intoxicating Power and Super-human Strength. The Black Blade thirsted for blood and souls, and Elric paid for his health and strength by feeding the hungry sword what it craved.

The most dangerous aspect of Stormbringer was this: Whenever the Sword was drawn, Elric was compelled, obligated and/or coerced to feed it the blood and souls for which it hungered and moaned, lest Stormbringer would choose it's own prey! Elric certainly learned this the hard way, as on more than one occasion he was punished for his defiance.

It seems that even though Elric was in in control of his own faculties, his decisions were certainly alter red (sometimes directly, other times indirectly) by his Love/Hate relationship with Stormbringer. He Loved the Health, Power & Strength - he Hated paying the price.

What's a Melnibonean Sorcerer-King to do?!

Gavin Gossett
The Fantasy Quest
TFQ Games


That very passage drives a dream I've had of having a TFT
campaign set in Michael Moorcock's world of Elric.> > David Jackson

(Special rules)

  Stormbringer is a cursed sword, Strength minus five.  For every figure
slain the curse is lifted by one point for the duration of the fight. After five kills the character is back to normal strength. The advantage of this is that character gains character points at the attribute total of their cursed state. Thus a 37 point character only requires 125 to get a point because at
ST-5 they are only 32 total.

The sword is also a prepared device to possess the wielder. Manufactured by the Chaos Duke Arioch. Each session roll a contest of wills to see if the
character will go on a mission of the players choosing, or a mission of
Arioch`s choosing.

David Michael Grouchy II
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