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RE: (TFT) Stormbringer & Elric

> The most dangerous aspect of Stormbringer was this:  Whenever the Sword was
> drawn, Elric was compelled, obligated and/or coerced to feed it the blood
> and souls for which it hungered and moaned, lest Stormbringer would choose
> it's own prey!  Elric certainly learned this the hard way, as on more than
> one occasion he was punished for his defiance.

   This is exactly what should result from the contest of wills I describe.
Having just reread the entire Elric series over the past two months I stand by
the Stormbringer rules as listed.  Maybe they are not for everyone.  Perhaps I
should try a little harder to ''sell'' them.


    The special rules below imply the consequence that no friendly wizard or
ally that Elric met was of sufficient IQ to have the dissolve enchantment
spell, which would have freed him from the sword.

    The feeble weakness and near death of Elrics early life was just a
deception to get him to accept the sword.  The curse spell being overwritten
by the cursed sword.

    No one in Melnibone seems to have access to remove thrown spells.  In fact
most of Elrics quests to free his love were quests for this spell.

    In this low power world a beginning wizard is justified in commanding the
respect of a king.

    A god is about IQ 17+.

David Michael Grouchy II

> >
> > Stormbringer
> > (Special rules)
> >
> >
> >   Stormbringer is a cursed sword, Strength minus five.  For every figure
> > slain the curse is lifted by one point for the duration of the fight.
> > After
> > five kills the character is back to normal strength.  The advantage of
> > this is
> > that character gains character points at the attribute total of their
> > cursed
> > state.  Thus a 37 point character only requires 125 to get a point because
> > at
> > ST-5 they are only 32 total.
> >
> >   The sword is also a prepared device to possess the wielder.
> > Manufactured
> > by the Chaos Duke Arioch.  Each session roll a contest of wills to see if
> > the
> > character will go on a mission of the players choosing, or a mission of
> > Arioch`s choosing.

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