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Re: (TFT) Stormbringer & Elric

My big question about running a game in Elric's world is not so much
Stormbringer (which would be quite fun by itself), but a few other issues of
the "swords and sorcery" genre which doesn't seem to translate way to
fantasy roleplaying.

For example, magic.  Magic itself is pretty well laid out - almost all of it
is related to summoning of demons, devils, or elementals, and bending them
to your will (a concept I find fascinating).  But wizards don't go around
flinging fireballs or anything that is "instant".  Which appeals to me, but
maybe not so much to others who want to roleplay a spellcaster.

David Jackson

On 10/6/08 9:36 PM, "David Michael Grouchy II"
<david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com> wrote:

>> The most dangerous aspect of Stormbringer was this:  Whenever the Sword was
>> drawn, Elric was compelled, obligated and/or coerced to feed it the blood
>> and souls for which it hungered and moaned, lest Stormbringer would choose
>> it's own prey!  Elric certainly learned this the hard way, as on more than
>> one occasion he was punished for his defiance.
> Gavin,
>    This is exactly what should result from the contest of wills I describe.
> Having just reread the entire Elric series over the past two months I stand by
> the Stormbringer rules as listed.  Maybe they are not for everyone.  Perhaps I
> should try a little harder to ''sell'' them.
>    Implications
>     The special rules below imply the consequence that no friendly wizard or
> ally that Elric met was of sufficient IQ to have the dissolve enchantment
> spell, which would have freed him from the sword.
>     The feeble weakness and near death of Elrics early life was just a
> deception to get him to accept the sword.  The curse spell being overwritten
> by the cursed sword.
>     No one in Melnibone seems to have access to remove thrown spells.  In fact
> most of Elrics quests to free his love were quests for this spell.
>     In this low power world a beginning wizard is justified in commanding the
> respect of a king.
>     A god is about IQ 17+.
> David Michael Grouchy II
>>> Stormbringer
>>> (Special rules)
>>>   Stormbringer is a cursed sword, Strength minus five.  For every figure
>>> slain the curse is lifted by one point for the duration of the fight.
>>> After
>>> five kills the character is back to normal strength.  The advantage of
>>> this is
>>> that character gains character points at the attribute total of their
>>> cursed
>>> state.  Thus a 37 point character only requires 125 to get a point because
>>> at
>>> ST-5 they are only 32 total.
>>>   The sword is also a prepared device to possess the wielder.
>>> Manufactured
>>> by the Chaos Duke Arioch.  Each session roll a contest of wills to see if
>>> the
>>> character will go on a mission of the players choosing, or a mission of
>>> Arioch`s choosing.
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