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(TFT) Standing Up

This is a great topic to discuss.  It has been a point of contention among
our group for decades.  Given that, the AM rules seem to say that you can
stand still or move one hex and then take the action of standing up.  But if
I remember correctly, if you are KNOCKED DOWN, you lose some possible

"If it has not already attacked, it may not attack that turn.  It may do
nothing NEXT turn except stand up (or stay down)."  AM p. 18

Now this seems a little confusing.  The rules only seem to say that NEXT
turn you can only stand up or stay down, and that THIS turn (assuming you
haven't already "attacked") you may not "attack".  If you take "attack" to
really mean take an action of some sort (like cast a spell) then this
translates to not being able to take an action this turn, and only being
able to stand up next turn.  If attack is interpreted literally, then you
could cast a spell or put on a ring, etc. after being knocked down, but THEN
on the NEXT turn only be able to stand up; no putting on of rings, casting
spells, crawling, etc.

Ugh.  We have generally played it as the first interpretation.  So if you
get knocked down, it could be bad for you if your teammates can't keep your
enemies busy for a turn or two.  If you choose to go down, or maybe even
just fall, then we generally don't use the restrictions above.  That is,
being KNOCKED DOWN is serious business.  It does seem, though, that this
more often occurs to low armor types who can possibly avoid this fate by
being the faster and either getting their blow in first, or disengaging.
But if you are up against someone who is faster and can deliver the goods,
it might be bam, whack, bam, whack, die.

We have used a house rule of 1/3 loss against strength, suffer SHOCK, 2/3
loss of strength, suffer being KNOCKED DOWN.  So a character with no armor
of ST-15 would require 10 hits to be knocked down.  Conversely, Philbo
Bongins, a hobbit with ST-9,  is knocked down with 6 unstopped hits.  Better
put on that inviso ring.

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